Keep on Running

12391207_10207156441583740_7869721160338246577_nIn April I ran my first ever marathon, and then just after that I ran another one!  I am not sure how I ended up running two marathons in a month, but it is a challenge I set myself so I did it!

I am just about to embark on my biggest challenge yet … 50 miles across the Shropshire hills!

Last year I decided, as a milestone birthday was approaching in 2016, I would run a marathon.  Having only started running ‘properly’ in May 2015 I realised that this could be a bit of a challenge but I still signed up for the London Marathon ballot.  I didn’t hear anything so I signed up to Manchester instead.  I decided that I would run it for Dementia UK and try and raise some money along the way.  Then at the end of last year I found out I had a ballot place for London – something which is difficult to get!  I couldn’t give up my place in London … and so I convinced myself that I would train for the two and just get on with it.


As part of my training I started entering different races, and then a few more.  To be honest, I am a sucker for a bit of bling!!  I then decided that I would run 40 races by my birthday, including the marathons and I am now up to 26 completed.

I have been training when and where I can, my trainers come to project meetings so I can run round whatever city or back of beyond town I am in, I get up early to run or I go late at night when I am home from work and the girls are in bed.  I have been chased by dogs, fallen down potholes, trudged through mud, jumped in lakes, been battered by the wind and rain and sweated in the glorious sunshine.  I have also dragged my poor children and husband round races or on training runs.  They have even entered a few with me.

I decided to do this to raise some money for Dementia UK.  As you can see it started with just a marathon but that didn’t seem enough.  I wanted to do something more demanding to raise as much money as possible, and dealing with dementia is a huge challenge so 40 races seems quite fitting. (Read this to find out why I chose Dementia UK)

So, if you think I am putting in enough effort or just have some spare change lying around you would like to donate to Dementia UK then I would appreciate the support!  I have a donation page:

As a busy working mum of two, training during the week will be my biggest obstacle. I sometimes have to go away with my job which means packing my runners and trying to fit my training round meetings. But I will get there … I must get there!!!


8 thoughts on “Keep on Running

    1. I used a training plan from the My Asics app. It worked well for me. It predicted I would run a marathon in 4 hours 28 … And I was 4 hours 30, so pretty close. I’ll take a look at your website and hopefully I can add something. Although the places I go are always a bit off the beaten track, vet rarely a major city.


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