Healthy Opportunities

The one where I run with work

This evening was the second run organised by work.  We have a Healthy Opportunities Programme to encourage people to get healthier and so an email went round trying to get support for a running group.  I missed last week … but this week (after taking the kidlets to their gym and trampoline lessons) I hooned back up to work and fastened my trainers ready to run with a group of colleagues.

Out of 110 people, there were 5 of us!  Again, I was apprehensive about running with other people … and other people I know!  At least when I went to the National Trust group I didn’t know anyone – this time I knew everyone, and they are all a lot fitter than me!

But … I managed to keep pace (although they may have slowed down especially for me) and I didn’t do too badly.  We ran down country lanes, through the woods and over dirt tracks.  It was great!  I think we covered about three and a half miles in 35 minutes.

Red faced, hot and sweaty we got back to the work car park and I hooned back to town to big the big kidlet up.

My ankles ache but I am starting to quite enjoy this running lark!  Who knows … I might even get somewhere close to achieving this ridiculous challenge (which I still haven’t told anyone about)


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