What was I thinking!


The one where I set myself a ridiculous challenge!

It’s the 15th May and today it dawned on me that in 18-months I will be 40.  It’s not a big thing but in a moment of madness I have decided to set myself a challenge … something big(ish) that befits reaching this milestone age.

Some people have big parties, others go on a trip of a lifetime but I am going to run!  Run like I have never run before – and hopefully better than I have done before as my running technique is a cross between Phoebe from Friends and a 4-year old child.

So … what is the challenge?  I am planning on entering 40 races (including a couple of marathons) by the time I am 40 and try and raise some money along the way.  As much as I would like to spend the money on a trip of a lifetime or a long weekend in New York, I will raise the money for an important charity – Dementia UK (more of the reasons why in future blog posts).

I want this to be the kick up the bum I need to get fitter and healthier … I have been known to drink too much and generally spend a lot of my time working, travelling with work or playing rubbish games on my phone.

I have entered a few races before – (perhaps a bit of an ambitious description) – two mud runs and a Race for Life, but this time it’s serious!

I’ve set myself a rule … any race counts and any distance counts as long as there is running involved and some bling at the end.

It may not seem a huge challenge to those dedicated and regular runners but I am not one of those … but at the end of this I should be.  I just hope that I can go some way to achieving it – while carrying on with the normal things in life, like looking after the girls, the husband, working and the like.

My only experience of writing blogs are for work and trying to make construction materials, sensors in injection moulding tools and wind blades sound interesting can be a challenge.  As this is more personal it’s just as much as a challenge as people I might know could read it.  Although … will anyone read it, who knows!  But this will be record of my achievements (or lack of!).  BUT, it could be a permanent reminder of my failure to achieve this, or it could remind me that when I put my mind to something I can actually achieve something.

Right … time to start running!!!!


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