Hill Reps

The one where I go up and down

Last night (5th June) was NT running group again.  I really look forward to Fridays as its quite nice to run with other people … and people I don’t know.

I’m not sure how far we ran, probably not that far but we did run up and down a hill three times. Hipp Reps

I still haven’t told anyone about this challenge.  I think because part of me thinks I can’t / won’t do it.  But the other half of me is quite determined.

I guess I’ll wait till the new year and if I seem to be going OK, I’ll publish this and start to raise some money for charity.

One a separate note … race 1 is next Sunday.  Race for Life with the kidlets and friends.  My plan is to run it as fast as I can.  Not expecting a great time as I’m at a 40th birthday party the night before.

I’ve entered 8 races so far … only 32 more to find!


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