Just the two of us

The one where I take it steady

After the usual hectic Friday (12th June) which involved picking kidlets up from school, taking to swimming lessons, visiting Mother in Law, cleaning and much more … I managed to get to the local NT property by 6 o’clock.  This week we were down to two runners and the run leader.

The other lady (a lovely woman in her 50’s who has been running to lose weight and has done an amazing job at it) was running the Race for Life on Sunday and so we took it steady but ran over 5km.  I really enjoyed running with others and just about being able to hold a conversation.  I did tell them I had started different challenges but not about 40by40!  Why am I so embarrassed about it?!

It was a lovely evening to be running round alongside the river and through the woods, watching the deer run across the park.Just the two of us

It also meant that I could increase my mileage for the ‘Soldiering On’ challenge.  Maybe my next challenge should be to tell people about what I am doing rather than it being something in my head.


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