One down … 39 to go!

The one where I get my first medal

Yesterday (14th June,) I took part in my first race since starting this challenge one month ago.  I entered the local Race for Life with my two kidlets, mum, sister and lots of friends.  It was a great day with a wonderful atmosphere.

After two birthday parties the day before (a 40th and a 28th) I wasn’t feeling my best but a few glasses of water, headache tablets and an antihistamine started to sort me out.

This was never going to be a chance to speed up a bit as I was running with my 7-year old and her friend.  Today was more about the atmosphere and having fun.  My four year old was walking / running with her Auntie and my best friend.  It was about the achievement of finishing and not breaking any records!

So we set off … running with a 7-year old and an 8-year old is a difficult task.  They sprint and it’s difficult to keep up and then they suddenly stop for a drink or because they have stich … or there is something sparkly on the floor.  It was supposed to be 5km but my TomTom showed it was only 4.6km.  I think this was just enough for their little legs as I ended up pulling them up the last hill.  We managed to get round in 35 minutes which could have been quicker if we hadn’t got tangled up with lots of people at the start. Race for Life

We all finished and cheered each other on.  My mum was quite rightly very proud of herself for finishing her jog/fast walk round the Quarry.  My 4-year old was beaming when she was given her medal for completing the course, as was the 7-year old who waved at all her friends supporting their mums and aunties at the finish line.

I hope I feel the same when I complete my first half marathon in a few weeks.


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