Soldiering On!

The one where I discover Virtual Races

40 races in 18-months is quite a lot, and I was starting to struggle finding enough, and on dates I can do.  Work has a habit of getting in the way and travelling all the time makes life even more complicated.

Last weekend I found ‘Virtual Runner’ which organise virtual races and you send evidence of taking part and you get a medal.  Maybe this is my way of being able to do it.  Of course I need to enter real life races too but a few virtual ones will also help with my motivation.

So on Monday I started a virtual race called ‘Soldier Challenge’.  The idea is to run, walk or cycle as far as you can between 8th and 14th June.

So on Monday 8th when the challenge started I managed to run a massive … 0 miles! A long day at work and a night at the theatre meant I had no time.  But feeling quite inspired and wanting to start my mileage in the spare hour I had after the school run and before dashing to the airport for a work trip I put on my runners and managed just over 5km.

Annoyingly, just as I was getting into my stride I had a phone call from work.  Yes, I  did stop to answer it, someone phoning in sick!  When I looked at my app I had run my first sub 6 minute km.  The next km was over 9 minutes.  Then i realised I needed get home quick, get showered, finish packing and get to the airport!

Packing my runners, I made it to the airport and a few hours later was sat drinking a beer in the sun in Brussels.

Day three of the challenge meant getting up early and having a quick 3km run round the Belgian capital before a long days meeting talking about thermoplastic wind blades.  I was hoping to get another run in but it was another dash to the airport to get home.  A 45 minute delay meant a midnight return home.  Who said all this travel was glamorous!

And today is day 4.  I managed another 3km with the work running group.  It was hot and a trail through nettles, thorns and over fallen trees.  I’m not sure I could manage much more.

So tomorrow is Day 5 and I’m hoping to up the mileage more.  By the end of the week I would like to have covered 20km.Soldiering On

The next challenge is to do it all in one go and not over 5 days.  I will keep trying!


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