You look like a runner!

The one where I join a group

In an attempt to make this challenge possible I joined a running group last week.  I say running group rather than club as it is held at a local National Trust property and lasts an hour.

I turned up about 25 minutes early and sat in the car park watching everyone that turned up.  So far my attempts at running have been sporadic and mainly on my own.  I have one or two friends I’ve run with – but this time there would be strangers.  What if they were really good, what if I couldn’t keep up or fell over, what would I wear!

After watching lots of people turn up to walk their dogs a car pulled up with a middle aged woman and her teenage daughter.  They had trainers on, they had leggings on … yep they looked like they could be part of the group.  Trying not to look like I was following them I waited until they started to walk towards the entrance and then got out of the car.  Annoyingly they then stopped to tie their shoelaces … so I walked past them, handed over my NT card and looked for the run leader.

I introduced myself and after filling in the relevant forms was introduced to the lady from the car park and her daughter.  The first question she asked was was ‘are you a runner?’  ‘No’ I quite confidently replied.  ‘Well you look like a runner’ she responded.  Maybe I’m part way there … look like a runner, then maybe I can be a runner!  But what does a runner look like?  I think she was refering to my new Sweaty Betty headband (to control my unruly fringe) and matching grey leggings.  But my cheapo trainers and the hubsters blue zipper sort of give away the fact that I am very new to this!

We started off with a fast walk and then started to jog.  It’s a beautiful place to run and beats my recent runs round the local housing estates.  After about 10 minutes the teenage girl stopped and complained of earache.  So she left …with her mum.

Now … this was a bit weird, I was expecting to run in a group and not with one person I didn’t know.  So, it was just me and the run leader, (who was lovely and very encouraging).

I ran round the park and covered about three and a half miles.  The Run Leader was brilliant, and for £1 I had my own private coach!  So yes, I will be going back next week and hopefully this is the start of me going someway to achieve this ridiculous task!!!


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