Oh Deer!!!

The one where I see Bambi

Two more training runs done and after all the excitment of running 10k on Tuesday I only managed a 3.5k and 4.5k run over the last two days.

It was back to running with work and the NT group and my ambition to run further and faster were dashed by my heavy and achy legs.  I tried to run through it and my first few kilometres were OK but it did start to become a struggle.

Tonight running group was cancelled.  I still went and ran the usual route through the grounds of Attingham Park.  The first kilometre involves a hill and running through the deer park.  It was a beautiful evening and the deer were feeding just to the side of me.


Half way round my run I met the lovely Pam from running group who had also decided to still go.  After a quick catch up about race for life we ran back through the deer park and back to the stables.

Although it was a shorter run, I still got out there and ran.

I’m now sat with a glass of wine with my feet up deciding whether to give the half in three weeks a miss.  I’m far from being ready but I’ll never make 40 if I don’t do it.

I’ll sleep on it and make a decision on Monday.


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