Sun, sea, sand and shooting pains in my leg!!!

The one where I run in the sun in Spain

This week was another trip away from home.  Three days talking about anti-slip flooring in Spain.

As with the last trip I managed to squeeze my running gear into my small suitcase and was looking forward to a run along the beach.


So after a very long trip from Manchester to Bilbao via a  mad dash across Frankfurt I managed to fit some time in for a run on Thursday evening.

It was very hot (somewhere in the 30’s) and I was glad I had taken shorts and a vest rather than leggings.

One of the other project partners alao had their running gear and we agreed to meet up in 5 minutes in the hotel lobby.

I tend to run on my own or with the NT run group so it was strange running with a project colleague.  But, I really enjoyed it and started to run at my fastest pace yet.


But, just like my last run 2k in I had pains in my knee, hip and thigh.  It was agony and at 2.65k I caved in and had to stop.

Why does this keep happening?

To get over the disappointment and give my leg a rest we stopped for a cold drink and enjoy the view.


I need to sort this problem out or my first half marathon is out of the question.


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