I’m Back!

The one where I try and start again At the start of the month I ran four times … and then nothing.  Work got too much, trips away from home and a family holiday meant my whole enthusiasm for running just disappeared. I wanted to go but just felt so tired, with a constant headache… Read More I’m Back!

Streak – Day 2

The one where I don’t get very far With heavy legs I set off for day 2 of my streak. It felt like I was running through treacle and I only managed just over 2k. But … as I keep reading ‘I may be slow but I’m lapping everyone else on the couch’!!!!


The one where I start streaking After last weeks disaster I decided to have a rest from running for a few days.   My thigh, hip and knee were still aching and after taking four flights in three days I thought I would put my feet up. But … its the first of July and so… Read More Streaking