The one where I start streaking

After last weeks disaster I decided to have a rest from running for a few days.   My thigh, hip and knee were still aching and after taking four flights in three days I thought I would put my feet up.

But … its the first of July and so new month, new plan.  I’m going to streak!!

No … I’m not going to scare the neighbours and take my kit off to pound the streets (what a terrifying thought!), I’m going to run a minimum of a mile and a half a day with the aim if a 10k and 5k a week (but longer if possible).

So I set my TomTom to 5k and started running.  Not the best idea to be heading out for a run on the hottest day of the year but I made sure I drank plenty of water all day and took some with me (even though I hate carrying anything when I run).

I was secretly hoping / trying to get under 30 minutes and it was close.  I tried ‘sprinting’ in parts but it was so hot I couldn’t maintain it for long.  But, I did keep pushing myself – something I’m not great at when it comes to exercise – and I was enjoying it.


I got home and was a red, sweaty hot mess but I was chuffed … chuffed I’d nearly made it to 30 minutes and probably a minute or so faster than my 5k PB.

After not doing much last week (or even the week before) I have a feeling I’m going to hurt in the morning!


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