I’m Back!

The one where I try and start again

At the start of the month I ran four times … and then nothing.  Work got too much, trips away from home and a family holiday meant my whole enthusiasm for running just disappeared.

I wanted to go but just felt so tired, with a constant headache and bunged up sinuses.

I constantly thought about getting out but just didn’t!  But today I did … and although my head still hurts and my sinuses feel dreadful, I feel so much better and ready to get back.

After building myself up all day to go to the NT running group, I didn’t go and went earlier than planned.

Sat at home with the big kidlet I got ready and told her to get on her bike and we would do a 5k lap.  Whether it was the new Lidl running stuff I bought this morning or a bit of cabin fever … I don’t care, we got out there.

It’s quite tough running while a 7 year old rides her bike and wants to be your coach.  After going to gymnastics for a few years she is used to being encouraged and pushed, and this is what she did to me!!! ‘Run faster Mummy’, ‘You’re too slow mummy, hurry up’, ‘Stop mummy, I swallowed a bug’, and my favourite ‘If you stop by the grass mummy I will show you what are doing wrong cos your foot turns in and looks odd!!!’.


BUT … it was a great run and one of my fastest to date.


I am so pleased I got back out and I’m ready to start again.  I’ve got two 10k races this month and a half marathon and a 10k month.

Otherwise this project is going to be a massive failure … and that just isn’t an option.


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