A pain in the … upper thigh

The one where something takes a bite out of me

After a few weeks off I joined the work running club for a Thursday night trek around Shawbury.

It started well, I was keeping up (just), and we had a steady pace going … steady for me, slow for the others!  We tried a new route through the village and up the country lanes.  It was warm but I was enjoying the company and the scenery.


Just as we were heading back and getting close to the office I felt a small nip on the back of my leg.  As always it went a bit red and raised, but, as always happens when I get bitten, I thought it would go away after a couple of days.

But it didn’t … it just got worse to the point it had spread all over my thigh, up to my tummy and was purple, hard and swollen.

1 legAnnoyingly we were off on our first ever family camping trip (something that had taken me about a year to persuade my hubby to do) and we had to cut it a day short.  The hubby was insistent we went home (it probably gave him an excuse to avoid a second night) and I rest it.

After a trip to the doctors, I am now on antibiotics and antihistamines.  Five days later, its still red, still sore but the swelling is going down.  I haven’t run since Thursday but I am planning my first 10 miler tonight.  I hope the leg holds out or the half marathon is a no go!


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