Cottage Pie

The one where I learn I need more than an hour to let my dinner settle

Tonight I planned a quick 5k round the block … something to keep my miles up and see if I could get any faster.

It always takes me a while to get ready for a run (watch on, fit bit on, fit belt on, phone in fit belt with headphones out and running playlist started … you get the picture!) but tonight just as I was almost ready a friend popped round to drop the eldest’s bike off.

This sort of distracted me and when I finally set off I felt quite good.  I always hate the first part of a run but after the few kilometers I start to enjoy it.

Not tonight though … 1.5k in and I started to feel quite queasy.  Then DISASTER. .. the lovely cottage pie I had for dinner made a reappearance and I turned down the short cut and headed home.


So all in all, I managed 2.34k.  Once again, it wasn’t the run I was planning but it was better than nothing.

Just to ruin the night even further my TomTom won’t sync with my phone app so I can’t look in detail at how rubbish it was!


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