Back to Running Group

The one where I go back to the National Trust

After a month of missing the NT running group, I finally got back to it on Friday.  As was the trend before my holiday break, there were only two of us and the Run Leader.

I was a little worried I might struggle as my hips were aching but as I hadn’t run since Tuesday’s 10 miler I needed to get back out.

As always, I enjoyed the run round Attingham Park.  I was a little worried when I arrived as there were lots of people carrying chairs, picnics, blankets etc. but it turns out they weren’t there to watch me … they were there to watch an outdoor comedic performance of Pride and Prejudice!

So off we went (avoiding the front of the house where the outdoor theatre goers were settling down) round the estate and along the river.  After my last few bites (and still being on antibiotics because of the last one) I am always nervous running through woods and by water.  Luckily I had remembered to wear longer running tights and the small piece of ankle that was on display was covered in mosquito spray.  It seemed to work and I emerged from the run bite free.

After 45 minutes the other lady left and it was me and the Run Leader.  She suggested another run round the mile track and along the river.  Although my legs felt heavy and I didn’t feel like it, it was one of the moments I knew I needed to push myself and keep going.  On race day I will probably feel like stopping somewhere along the route and I will have to push myself.

Our lap round was at a faster speed than I normally go but I managed to keep up.


By the end of the run I was red faced and gasping for breath, but after the cooldown I was pretty happy … happy that I carried on, and happy that my running seems to be getting (a little) better!

(I still need to learn the art of the selfie … I always seem to have an odd smile and starey eyes!)


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