A Tale of Two Runs

The one where I want to give up … and then start again!

After Monday’s vomiting disaster I set out on Tuesday still quite euphoric from last Tuesday’s 17k. 

I made sure I drank lots during the day, ate my lunch, didn’t have cottage pie just before I went out and got home from work at reasonable time.

Off I set, but something didn’t feel right.  First of all instead of my usual route I decided to run it ‘the other way round’.  My trainers didn’t feel right and my socks just felt odd.  The first few kilometres were uncomfortable (as always) but my ankles hurt, my hips hurt and my turny in feet seemed to be turning in even more. 

It was painful, it was just plain awful and every step I took just hurt even more.  I plodded on but as I saw my short cut home I took it.  I just wanted to give up, never run again and sit with a glass of wine and forget about even trying a half marathon let alone a full one.


I got home grumpy, annoyed and miserable.  I went through it in my head several times and in the end had a shower and went to bed. 

After another dreadful night’s sleep and having to get up with a poorly kidlet 6 times I decided that a bad run is better than no run and its time to start again. My plan was to try again on Wednesday or Thursday but a poorly child, doctors visits and lots of medicines meant that I was needed at home and there was no time for a run.

Friday arrived and after staying in all day with the patient I was getting cabin fever.  So as soon as the husband got home I headed out to my National Trust running group.

This week it was just me and the run leader.  I felt so much better, even getting a stitch after 2k I felt that I was enjoying running again.  It cleared my head and even running into a strong wind was a challenge I wanted to take on.

It was hot, muggy and felt like it was going to rain.  It was great.  The NT leader was great company and it was good to have someone to talk to … and quiz on what to eat before the half, what are gels, do I need food on long runs … and more!  I’m sure the poor girl wanted me to stop asking questions but after being stuck inside with the little ones (including a poorly one) it was good to talk to another adult.

So two runs in 4 days … after Tuesday’s attempt I was ready to give up, but getting back out reminded me why I’m doing this. 

It was never going to be easy but I’m hoping it gets easier!


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