Take 5

The one where I get a telling off at the end

It’s not often I have a morning with no children, no husband and no work.  With a bit of time to spare before having to pick the girls and my mum up and head off to North Wales, I thought I would make best use of the freedom and run 10k for my August medal.

I tend not to run on a morning.  With having a husband that leaves early for work, two girls that are very slow to get ready on a morning and a nursery drop off in one direction, a school run in the other and then work in another I find mornings just to difficult and stressful!

But … this morning (25/08) was different, it was just me!

It was my second ever run before 9 in the morning, and that’s when I realised I had made my first mistake … no breakfast!  What was I thinking, luckily I had remembered to drink some water when I got up (along with a coffee).

The first 4 kilometres were the same hell they always are, I got a stitch (as always) at 2.5k but it went after 10 minutes and I plodded on.  I was quite pleased to get round the first lap (which included one of my fastest kilometres ever!) and started the second.

A few weeks ago I bought a ‘marathon pack’ from Lidl.  It included tablets to go in my water, a water bottle and some gel things.  I need to do some more reading on gels to understand why I need them (if at all) and when is best to take them.  I keep reading on different forums about how good they are and to take the first one after about 40 minutes.  So I did!  (I have also read about how some people get a dodgy tummy when taking them so thought I would give it a go while closeish to home).

This turned into a bit of a disaster … how do you open them, and then take them while on the move?  I ended up with it everywhere!  Round my chops, sticky banana goo on my hands and down my top and then wiping it on my legs made them sticky too … and a magnet for bugs!

Luckily they didn’t give me a dodgy tummy (but then I am not sure how much I actually consumed).

The last 5k were slower the first half.  I was a few hundred metres from 10k by the time I got home, so I ran round the pond a few times and up the street until the TomTom showed it was over.

So … another race complete (5 down … 35 to go) and I was feeling quite pleased with myself.  All done and dusted before 09:30 am, time for a quick shower and head over to pick the family up and off to Llandudno for a few days holiday.  But … a quick phone call to my mum (who had kindly looked after the girls so I could work) and I realised that I was in a bit of trouble.  Instead of running I should have been there and we could have gone away earlier!

With ‘You’re late, you’re late, for a very important date’ ringing in my ears I showered, washed off all the banana gel and threw the case in the car and set off for the start of a two week, very busy holiday, which included Llandudno, Edinburgh and Blackpool.  (The photo isn’t running related but is me any my kidlets on the end of Llandudno pier).

11951711_10206609541551581_2763188503899282900_oMy running the last couple of weeks has been poor, but I have done a lot of walking – covering at least 10k a day and for our week in Edinburgh it was more like 15k.  Its only just over a week until my first half marathon.  I have one more long run planned and then a couple of short ones before the day.  I am keeping my fingers crossed I can do it!


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