End of the week wobbles

The one where I take it steady

It was the last NT group session before the half.  I wanted to go, as I like the sessions, but I was a bit nervous of doing too much before Sunday (especially after last nights speedy (for me) 5k). 

There was a new girl tonight, so the three of us walk/ran around the usual loop.  It was a lovely evening and the Park is a beautiful place to run. 


PANIC!  Every time we stopped to walk and then run I got pains in my knee and ankle.  I ended up turning my foot in more, which helped a little, and sort of limping to one side.  As with a lot of things, rather than telling the others … or just stopping, I carried on and covered nearly 5k.  Although I think it was probably 5 as I forgot to start the watch!!


I spent the rest of the evening with my foot up drinking a glass of wine.  Probably not the best race preparation but after a stressful week and a new worrying injury it was very much needed. 

Two more sleeps to go at the first big challenge will be here … Eeek!!!!


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