Lessons learnt from a half marathon

The one where I make a list

So what have I learnt after finishing my first half marathon …

1.  I am actually a bit better at this than I thought I was, or the pressure spurs me on to run harder.

2.  I can run 10 miles without stopping … go me!

3.  I have some amazingly supportive friends and family who all kept telling me I could do it, when I didn’t think I could.

4.  I look awful in race photographs – a heavy, big boobed, red faced, plodding mess!  In my head I looked like Liz McColgan or Paula Radcliffe … the reality is very different!!!

5.  I hurt … not during the race but two days later.  My knee, my ankles, my hips, my thighs!  Going up and downstairs feels like climbing Everest.

6.  I have a blister the size of a 10p on the end of my toe.  It is under the nail and my nail is likely to fall off.  Yuck!  Apparently putting vasaline on the ends can help – I was told this after the event!
7.  Once a song gets in my head, it doesn’t leave until mile 12.  For 12 miles I kept singing to myself the chorus (and only the chorus) of ‘Modern Girl’ by Sheena Easton!!! I didn’t even know I knew the song!  I have now downloaded it and added it to my running playlist.

8.  Lake Vyrnwy is a beautiful place and certainly recommended as a place to run a HM.  I will definitely go back next year and try for a faster time.

9.  I am my own worst enemy.  I was ready to give in after 1 mile, I panicked I was going to be sick, I worried I was going to trip over or trip someone up and I fretted about seeing anyone else I knew!!

10.  Finally … I thoroughly enjoyed myself and want to do it all again!!!!



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