Lessons learnt from a 10k

The one with another list

So what have I learnt after my first 10k road race …

1. Preparation is key.  Drinking a bottle of red the evening before was perhaps not my best idea.  In my defence my in laws came for dinner, I stopped drinking at 8:15, drank lots of water before bed and was asleep by 10 pm.

2.  Be more confident in my own ability.  I started the race at the back and was 330 out of 353 to cross the start line.  I finished in 244 place.  I could probably have started a little further forward and it may have helped me at the start where I struggled to get past other runners.

3.  I still don’t like pictures of me running but I don’t hate them as much as I did.


4. I like having family there to cheer me on.  The girls smile as I headed towards the finish line spurred me on to run a bit faster.

5.  This running and racing lark is a bit addictive and I’ve signed up to a few more.  I run faster and push myself more … and do better than I thought I ever could.

6.  I sometimes get annoyed with other runners.  I don’t say anything to them, just speed up and try and get past them!  There were a number of runners yesterday with lots of things in their pockets and all I could hear was their money clacking together.

7.  I need to stop running in my cap.  I use it to hide, so no one can see me.  But, my head gets so hot and it can get a bit distracting.  When I’ve worked out how to tame my fringe, the hat goes!


8.  I live in a hilly town! The race went along the river and across bridges, up and down steps and up inclines I didn’t know existed in the town!  My legs burned but I pretty much ran it all.

9. I am a bit competitive.  I know my limits but I overtook someone I don’t particularly like and was determined to stay ahead of them.  I finished about a minute ahead in the end.

10.  I thoroughly enjoyed it … and want to do it all again!!!


3 thoughts on “Lessons learnt from a 10k

  1. I can’t stand to wear hats because my head gets too hot like you. I wear a visor (Headsweats to be exact: http://www.headsweats.com/), but other people like to use a headband to tame their bangs/fringe (http://www.headsweats.com/womens-reversible-headband-flowers/). If you use the promo code AFASTPACEDLIFE, you’ll receive 20% anything you order (not sale items). I love Headsweats so I became a brand ambassador for them. (I don’t receive anything if you use the promo code). I just love them, so I tell people about them whenever I can.


  2. I am still working on getting to the point where running becomes addictive. Right now, it is still so hard, but I like how I feel afterwards. Thanks for sharing your experience. Can’t wait until I’m in a similar frame of mind as you!


    1. I always find the first 15 minutes the hardest. After that it gets a bit easier. I love the feeling at the end of a race … i think the bling helps! I love a medal!!!

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