A Greek Marathon

The one which is nothing to do with running

I haven’t put my runners on since Sundays 10k.  As always in September, work gets busy and I spend a lot of time in meetings across Europe.

This week was no different and I spent twenty-four hours in Athens … Seven hours in a meeting, a few hours sleeping, a dinner and one hour to have a quick scoot round the city.

With limited time I headed to the Acropolis (with two colleagues).  It was amazing to see, even with all the scaffolding, portable buildings, tonne bags of sand and cement and a ruddy great big crane.


I’ve never been to Greece before so was pleased to actually see something.


At the hotel there was a picture of Marathon, a city 26.1 miles from Athens.  Legend has it that a Greek runner was sent from Marathon to Athens to announce that the Persians had been beaten in the Battle of Marathon, and giving the long distance race it’s name.

Reminded that I signed up for the Manchester Marathon, as soon as I was home I downloaded the My Asics marathon training plan – I just hope I have the time to follow it.


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