Norwegian Wood

The one where I run by a fjord

This week I was working in Norway.  It was another quick trip  (leaving home Monday and getting back Wednesday) but I packed my runners in the hope of getting a 30 minute run in between meetings.

I wasn’t to be disappointed.  Five of the other attendees had packed their stuff too, so we finished talking about thermoplastic off shore windblades early (how glamorous my job is!!!) and headed out.

It was amazing … Stathelle was beautiful.  It was a tough trail, which included clambering up rocks, but we ran along the edge of the fjord and back into the village.


It was the first time I have run with my project partners and although they were a lot faster and fitter I just about managed to keep up.  I wasn’t helped by the awful cough I have developed but I carried my inhaler just incase.



We covered 6.33km in about 45 minutes.  That included time to take photos of the beautiful surroundings.

I would love to go back to Norway, the air felt clean and the landscape is amazing.  The only downside is the cost … £10 for a small glass of wine!!!

I have another meeting with the same people in a few months and we plan on running together again … so I can’t have been that bad!



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