It’s been a while

The one where I try and fill in the gaps

So October has been a rubbish month for my training.  To date I have managed only three training runs and one race (more of the race in another blog).

I’m not sure why I’ve been so pants at getting out there this month.  We have been very busy, as always, and I have been struggling with my breathing and I’ve just felt quite lazy.  It’s been one of those months, my diet has gone to pot, I’ve enjoyed a few glasses of wine (even on a school night) and when I get in from work I am finding it hard to go back out again.  After the constant traveling of August and September I think I just needed some time to chill.

1-runSo three runs and only about six and a half miles covered.  Its better than nothing, but not great.

But tonight I have given myself the kick up the bum I need and tomorrow my marathon plan starts again in earnest.

Tomorrow is the start of a new day and a new plan.  5 miles to be covered and with the girls at school, the hubster at work and quiet morning planned I am going to use the time to run.

Time to get this show back on the road!!!



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