Mud Runner Junior Classic

The one with the Things in the mud

This Sunday (18/10) I took on the Mud Runner Junior Classic with my 7-year old daughter.  It was going to be a great event to run with her.  I love the fact she is an ‘Adventure Girl’ and loves to give anything a go.

It was a bit of a trek to Eastnor Castle on a cold, windy and little bit wet Sunday morning and I just hoped it was worth it.  The girls race packs hadn’t arrived (we were running with a friend and her daughter) so we had a join the first of many queues of the day.  After getting the numbers, t-shirts and tattoos and finding somewhere to leave our bag we joined the second queue … at the start.

The start was supposed to be in 4 waves.  This turned out to be more due to the number of people, but we waited a good 20 minutes to get going and I have now idea which wave we were in.

We set off, through a stream and then a couple of kilometres with no mud or obstacles, just hilly cross country.  We eventually got to the swamp – the muddy bit the girls had been looking forward to – but again we were stuck in a queue.  Because the waves all set off quite close together and there was a photo opportunity we waited 10 minutes to get in the mud and then spent another 10 trying to get out – but we did make the most of the photo op!
We recovered a lost trainer, wiped away some tears from two cold little girls and ran to the next mud trench. Luckily there wasn’t such a long queue this time.
Another kilometre, a crawl under some netting and we reached the end.

My tough little 7 year old finished with a big smile on her face and soon forgot about the cold and the queues, especially after getting her medal and a mars bar!

So race number 9 complete … 31 more to go.





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