Lessons learnt from a 5k mud run

The one with yet another list

So what have I learnt from my 5k mud run?

1.  65 miles is quite a long way to travel for a 5k run with a 7-year old and a 9-year old.

2.  My 7-year old is a tough cookie and will give anything a go.  I think this is brilliant for a young girl as so many kids don’t do any sport or even play outside in the mud!


3.  I enjoy running with my daughter.  It can be infuriating when she sprints and then suddenly stops but its great spending time with her, doing something we both enjoy.

4.  Mud running is brilliant fun … just remember to tie your trainers very tight to stop loosing a shoe in a swamp!

5.  We all thoroughly enjoyed it and want to do it all again!!


5 thoughts on “Lessons learnt from a 5k mud run

    1. My eldest wants to do another one … but its quite hard to find any for under 12s that are close to us. I recommend doing one in the summer with kids … not at the start of winter!!!

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