Run or Dye

The one where we get covered in paint!

As well as running the ‘She Cracked It’ race, this weekend I also took part in Run or Dye.  The race, organised by Macmillan Cancer support was a 3k fun run through Hawkstone park.  The run was a colour race to celebrate healthiness, happiness, individuality and giving back to the community.

12030430_10206948769392065_9039284810921367486_oIt was an untimed race where, at every kilometre or so we had powder paint thrown at us.  As there were seven of us we split up into groups based on ability – I had to run with my friends 10-year old son, the hubby ran with the 7-year old and her friend and my 4-year old followed with one of my best friends.  I think I had the toughest race … it also meant that as he wanted to finished ahead of everyone I had to run through the colour on my own.  I am sure this type of race would be far more fun running as a team.

It was still enjoyable but I must admit my breathing has been quite tight since.  I must have inhaled a lot of the powder as I have been coughing a lot – although it was a cold and damp day so that didn’t help either!

The kids all loved the day and I it is one we will certainly look to do again.



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