Mad Jack 5

The one where I run my first cross country race

This Saturday (07/11) I entered my first Cross Country race … and it was the first time I had signed up to something on my own.

It was a horrible morning, the rain was pouring down and it was blowing a gale but it didn’t put me off … it just meant I was (as always seems to be the case) slightly unprepared.  I thought I would be OK running in a t-shirt but changed my mind and left my long sleeved hoody on.  Bad idea!!! By the time I got to the start line the sun came out and I was far too hot.  With no time to take my number off my top, run back to the car, pin the number to my t-shirt and get back to the start line, I rolled my sleeves up and set off.  This was also to be the first outing of my buff!  After the hot headed running wearing a cap I thought I would try a headband so that the top of my head would be cool and my ears would be warm!

Once again I started right at the back and spent the first mile trying to get past people on a small narrow track.  When will I learn to start a bit further forward.  I need to have a bit more confidence in my running rather than thinking I will be last.

The race was tough going in parts, not helped by the fact I was wearing my old runners.  I had ordered some new trail shoes but had them delivered to my Auntie’s house and didn’t have time to collect them.  My old trainers combined with rubbish socks and uneven ground meant that I ended up losing another toe nail and two large blisters on the arch of each foot.

0-Mad JackClose to the end was a large pond to get through.  It was slippy, congested and cold.  Luckily I managed to stop myself going all the way in.

A quick 200 metre dash to the end and it was over.  I finished 254 out of 344, which for my first attempt at this race, I am pretty pleased with.

It was disappointing not to get a medal at the end, but I did get a hug from a friend I hadn’t seen for a while, a banana and a small cup of water.

As a local race, I would highly recommend it.  It was friendly and well organised – just a shame there was no bling at the end!

So race number 12 is complete and its time to step up the distance ready for the big ones!



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