Shropshire Mud Run – Round 5

The one that is really hard work

After another week of not running (another work trip away) my next race was the Shropshire Mud Run – Round 5 at Bomere Lake.  Having not competed in Rounds 1 to 4 I was a little unsure of what to expect!

It had rained heavily for a week so I was expecting it to be muddy, boggy and cold … and how right I was.  The Shropshire Mud Run team had been uploading photos all week on their Facebook page of the mud and lake that was to be experienced – and the pictures didn’t give the full impact of what was there!!!

I had dragged the husband to this one, as I didn’t want to run it alone.  I was (secretly) hoping to beat him, especially as he doesn’t run.  My hopes were dashed in the first 4km when he went speeding ahead and I struggled to get through the mounds of wet mud.

I have to admit, it was one of the hardest races I have done.  I found it really difficult to run the first half which was on a Motocross track.  I seemed to have no bottle when running down the slopes and took them slowly like a wuss!!!  As much as the hubster kept telling me to ‘just go for it’ I still hesitated.  When we got to a sign saying 4km I felt like crying … I was certain that we had covered more distance than that.  But on we went.

Once we’d got round the track and were heading through the woods things got a lot easier and I found my rhythm.  I enjoyed jumping fallen trees, fighting with brambles and thorns and jumping into deep smelly sink holes, and I was no longer regretting signing up.

At the end of the run you climbed on to a pontoon and belly flopped into a lake.  Again, I was a wuss and did a seat landing in.  I went right under (and it was very cold) but it did give me a chance to wash some of the mud off.  A quick dash to the finish, holding hands with the husband, and we had finished.  I feel a little guilty, but I did come first out of the two of us … by about 0.5 of a second!!

This was one of the hardest runs I have taken part in.  It was great fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it but the first 4km over the Motocross track was tough going.  I described it as trying to walk home on a Saturday night, wearing very high heels, after quite a lot to drink!  My legs just wouldn’t go were I wanted them to and I was all over the place.

There were also lots of opportunities for some more awful race photos for the collection!

151116013040_H 151116061440_H

It hasn’t put me off … I will be signing up for another one.  But only after I have finished all my training for London.  I can’t risk an injury.




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