Weston Park 10k

The one where I get a new PB

I was quite nervous about this race.  My training had been quite poor and was pretty much made up of racing at the weekend and one run in between.  A friend had also entered and although he hadn’t run for a while he was a lot (12 years) younger and had run half marathons in the past.  I had also had my works Christmas do and a hen do the weekend before so wasn’t at my best!

It was a wet and cold start on a Sunday morning (06/12) and we got to Weston Park far too early and spent an hour trying to keep warm!

Then disaster … I realised I had forgotten my TomTom Runner.  How would I know how far I’d run, how would I know how slow I was going, how would I be able to look through my splits … oh well, as we were an hour from home there wasn’t a lot I could do about it.

We lined up for the start and ‘bang’ we were off.  I started off ok, trying to get past a few people and the we started going uphill for what seemed an eternity.  I think it was about a mile but not having a watch and there were no markers pointing out how far we had gone I can only guess.

Rob was beside or just behind me for the first couple of miles but I was secretly hoping to beat him – so I tried to speed up a bit.

We ran on paths, then through fields (at this point I wished I had my trail shoes on) and then through some woods.

And then a guy started running along side me … chatting!!!!  What?!  I was running, I’m not used to talking to anyone at the same time.  Where did I work, did I run much … the questions went on.

As we were about a mile from the end I saw Rob on the other side of the field … and waved.  I guessed he was probably a couple of minutes behind – but I wanted to make sure there was no way he could catch up.

The chatty guy (who had run the race before) said we were close to the end … and I was relieved.  As I came over the bridge I could see the finish line so I tried to put as much effort in as possible.  My legs felt a little heavy but I could see my girls and hubster who had come to watch us finish.


After the last 10k and listening to hubby shout ‘sprint’ I tried to run as fast as I can … and I was over the line.

I had no clue how fast I had finished it – but later on it popped up on the website.  I was amazed … 53:41!!!!

How?! That’s nearly 6 minutes quicker than the Shrewsbury Severn Bridges 10k and 15 minutes quicker than when I run 10k in the virtual races.

I thoroughly enjoyed this race, and it helped I beat Rob by over 3 minutes.  Definitely one for next year … and another medal in the bag!!!!




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