Telford 10k

The one where I’m not as fast as last week, but 15 minutes faster than 6-months ago!

Another Sunday (13/12) … another 10k!  This week I was running the Telford 10k.  A race I had never run before. (Although being quite new to this most races I enter I have never run before!!!)

It was a very cold, wet and windy morning but I dragged me and the rest of the family out to Telford.
It was one of the busiest races I’ve entered with 939 finishers. I finished in position 654 in 55:04 – which I didn’t think was too shabby for a race full of club and more seasoned runners.

So my last race of the year and in 6-months I’ve managed to take nearly 15 minutes off my 10k time. And I’ve managed a picture with flying feet (you can just about see me on the left in blue).
I now have a manic few weeks with work, children and Christmas but 2016 is the year I need to run 23 more races … including at least 2 marathons. Eeeeeekkkk!!!!!


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