Days Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight and Nine

The one where I catch up a bit

Day 4 … Nothing
Well according to my plan it was a rest day, and I certainly needed a rest!  The first day back at school and work after two and a half weeks off wiped us all out.

Day 5 … 3 mile Jog
Following the My Asics plan I downloaded I was scheduled to run 3 miles at a pace of 12:20 min/mile, but I ran 3.22 miles at 10:20.  I need to slow down the pace during training so I can build up the miles, but I find it hard to.  I just try and run at a comfortable and consistent pace.  I also gave my shiny, bright new runner a test run.  They are exactly the same as my current trainers just a different colour, a very bright colour!!!!
Day 6 … a planned 5 mile build up run
Which ended up as nothing.  My mum came for tea, the girls went to bed late, I ended up staying in and watching Tele!!! In my head I planned to get up very early the next day and make up the miles … the reality was somewhat different and I got up at my normal time and planned to run in the evening instead.

Day 7 … a planned rest day
As I couldn’t drag myself out of bed at 5:45 to make up my 5 miles I took my stuff to work to go for a run with the work running group.  Numbers were low this week and it was just the two of us.  And I didn’t manage 5 miles it was a measly 2.6 miles in 27.49 minutes.  Better than nothing but not where I should be!

Day 8 … planned 3 mile Jog
Nope, didn’t manage this either!

Day 9 … planned rest day
Again, I thought I would make up the 5 miles from Wednesday but no such luck … it rained so much I stayed in the warm, enjoying a cuppa and a matter with my mum.

So six days and only two runs totalling 5.8 miles.  Not the best start to my marathon training but it’s a start!


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