Rain, rain go away

The one where I run the furthest I have for a while

Day 10 … planned 5 mile comfortable run
It was a Sunday, I wanted a lie in but as soon as I woke up all I could think about was the run I needed to do and the lack of running in week one of my training plan.  So I dragged my lazy bum out of bed and got out.  This is always the bit I find hardest … As soon as I’m out I’m fine, its the getting out of the door I find myself having an internal battle about.


50 minutes and 9 seconds later I was back, I had run the 5 miles in my plan and it was the furthest I had run this year … and the furthest I had run in nearly a month.

Day 11 … Rest day
I rested …well I did a full day at work, took the girls to gymnastics, got home and cooked tea, put girls to bed after showers, tidied up etc, etc … but I didn’t run!!!

Day 12 … planned 3 mile jog
I didn’t want to go … it was raining, a lot!  I like running in the rain but this was horrendous.  It was sleeting and was flippin’ cold.  My plan said three miles but I wanted to do five.  At half six I finally got ready and headed out.  It started off OK so I went the longer route … and just as I reached the point of no return the heavens opened.  Gosh, it was cold, and wet and it hurt to run into the rain!!!!

I didn’t manage 5 miles but I had run 3.93 miles when I got back to my front door.  I couldn’t leave it at that so ran up and down the street until I made it to 4!!!!


But I’m training for a marathon so I need to toughen up and keep motivated during these horrible winter months.


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