Don’t Panic!!!!

The one where I’m starting to panic!

It dawned on me this week that I’m running two marathons.  Of course I’ve known for a while I’ve entered Manchester and won a ballot place for London … but I suddenly woke up to how far 26.2 miles is!!!

What if I can’t do it, what if I hate running Manchester so much I don’t want my place in London?  Why did I even think this was a good idea.

I’m trying to stick to my training plan as best I can, I’m trying to eat well, drink plenty of water and keep motivated but this week I’m panicking.  I guess lots of people go through this and doubt they can do it.   Just sometimes it’s other people that put the doubts in your head.

Whenever I tell anyone I’m running a marathon (or two) you can guarantee that they will reply with one of the comments below.  (The bit in brackets is what I want to say, but I generally respond with a nod and a yes!)

  • A proper one? – (Er, no its a pretend one I made up!)
  • Really, you?! – (No, I mean the man over the road) 
  • Do you mean a half – (Nope, I don’t.  It’s two halves!) 
  • Do you think you’ll manage it – (I’m going to give it a flippin’ good go)
  • That’s a long way – (Yes it is, thank you for reminding me)
  • Running will destroy your knees – (I’ll take the risk)
  • Why would you want to do it – (You’re right, I should just sit at home and watch Tele instead)

But, I’m sure I’ll get over this and as long as I stick to my plan I will finish them both.  And it will be a proper, full marathon … and my knees will survive!!!



4 thoughts on “Don’t Panic!!!!

    1. 10th April … two weeks before London. I never thought I would be doing two so close together but getting a place in the London ballot isn’t something I want to pass up!!!


      1. Ah. It’s good it’s in that order. You can just relax for london and enjoy the sights and atmosphere. You’ll already have one under your belt by then 🙂


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