Luffit or hate it

The one which has been a bit of a disaster … but ends in a smile

I managed two more runs but then one has stopped me for a nearly a week.

Thursday (14/01) night is running with work night and a later than normal start meant there was just two of us.  We trotted round the village, chatting, and then diaster … I went over on my ankle.  I didn’t fall but I put my foot awkwardly in a pot hole.  I carried on as it didn’t feel too bad but when I got home it was throbbing.

Noooooo!!! I can’t get injured.  Its been my biggest worry about marathon training, and it seems my fear has been realised.

According to my plan it was to be a 5 mile run on Friday night.  It was cold and wet but I still forced myself to go.

I managed 5 slow and painful miles as my foot was still hurting and was so glad to get home.


And I haven’t run since.  I’ve missed three training runs and am starting to panic that I’ll never get the miles in.  Its only 22 days until my half marathon and I feel woefully underprepared.

Then, just to make myself even more miserable and unable to run I poured a boiling hot cup of tea all over my legs while boarding a train!  I had just bought the tea and a paper to read on the long journey to London and somehow knocked the tea all over me and the paper, so spent three hours looking like I’d wet myself and stinking of eau de PG Tips!

But … although I haven’t run, my ankle still hurts and I’ve slightly burnt my thigh I found out that my blog has appeared on – under the section ‘Inspirational People’ (

Me!!! Inspirational!!!!  This has given me the kick up the bum I need to leave the pity party and run!  If its slow, does it matter?  Watching tele and feeling sorry for myself isn’t going to get me anywhere!


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