Darwin Day (half) Marafun

The one with a Friday race

Today I ran my second ever half marathon … five months after my first.

It was 21 and a bit laps of a local cycle track.  I must admit I was a little apprehensive as I thought it might be a little boring – but it was anything but!

Organised on International Charles Darwin Day to celebrate his birthday in the town where he was born, the Darwin Day race was limited to 100 entrants … and it had sold out.

I was nervous about going as in my head I had built it up to be full of ‘proper’ runners and people who all knew each other.  But as is normal when I start to panic … it was all OK.  Yes, there were a group from the local running club, and yes there were groups of people that knew each other but there were also people on their own but everyone was there to to run, some fast and some not as fast … but I hadn’t entered a National Championship – it was supposed to be fun!

So at 10:00 the race began and I started my first lap.  What on earth was happening … my ankles hurt.  And they just got worse … lap 2, lap 3 and then luckily by lap 4 it started to ease.  My lack of running in February was starting to show and the night out with friends last week was back to haunt me!!!  But as much as my body was crying out for me to stop I carried on.

The music playing took my mind off it, especially when one from my playlist came on, and before I new it I had managed 16 laps.  The start of lap 17 was the hardest as I was starting to struggle with the cold.  Foolishly I had forgotten my gloves and my hands were turning blue.  As much as I tried to warm them up I was finding it impossible.  And my right arm was so cold … my left was fine but the wind blowing onto the track always seemed to be on my right.

And then I was on my last lap.  I was so close to two hours so I ran as fast as I could, with all the energy I had left.  But … annoyingly it wasn’t enough.  I finished in 2:01:35.  96 seconds away from being under two hours!!!  On a positive note it was 5 minutes faster than my only other half marathon.

To top off a great morning, the medal was amazing and I am now half way … 20 races complete!!!


3 thoughts on “Darwin Day (half) Marafun

    1. Thank you. It was so much better than I thought it would be. I must admit that for the first 10 laps when the same people keep overtaking you it felt a bit disheartening but the music and atmosphere were ace and kept me going. Just annoyed that I was just 96 seconds away from sub 2!!!!


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