Going Public

The one where I start raising money

Finally, after seven months of running I announced to the world (well those on my Facebook, LinkedIn and work email) that I was running to raise money for Dementia UK.

I’m not sure why it took me so long, as on the whole everyone has been very supportive.  I guess I wanted to be sure that I would do it and I left it close(ish) to ‘marathon month’ that people wouldn’t get too fed up of hearing about it!!

It’s a funny thing asking for sponsorship.  There are people I thought would, who haven’t (yet) and people I was convinced wouldn’t … have.  Over the years I have sponsored people and left messages of support for lots of different challenges and charities and very few have returned the favour.  I didn’t sponsor others in the hope that if one day I decided to raise money I would be sponsored back … But it would be nice if one or two did!!!

What has been really encouraging is the number of my colleagues that have sponsored me and left messages … even from those I don’t really know.  It’s a real confidence boost.

My initial target was to raise £400.  I have now reached this so upped my target to £1,000.  There is plenty of time and the more I can raise, the better.

Choosing Dementia UK has also opened my eyes to how many people are coping with this awful condition.  Friends and colleagues have shared stories of their mum’s, dads, brothers and grandparents diagnosis and how it has affected them.  And if they can cope … I should certainly cope with all this running!!!!


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