Attingham Park Night Run

The one with a bit of cross training

Another race complete, but this one nearly didn’t happen.

We were going to run this as a family, one grown up would run ahead with the biggest girl and one of us would trot behind with the littlest one. But as often happens in this household things never go according to plan.

After a morning of gymnastics and an afternoon of brownies we got home and the hubby wasn’t well. The last thing he wanted to do was run around the local National Trust property in the cold and dark. So, I decided we would all stay at home and watch Ant and Dec!!!!

But, my two girls were so disappointed. They wanted to run with head torches in the dark and through the woods, and not wanting to dampen their enthusiasm I got the three of us ready and we rushed out.
We collected our numbers, pinned them to our jumpers, queued for illuminous face paints and we were ready for the off.

My biggest runner went ahead whilst I trotted behind with my youngest. She was wearing her ‘magic trainers’ so wanted to run as fast as she could. She calls them her magic trainers as the couple of times she has worn them she hasn’t complained about her feet hurting or whined about wanting to be carried!

But it didn’t last long, so we skipped instead of running. Then we walked while singing ‘Shut up and Dance with me’. Then we ran, then skipped … And then she fell over!!! After shouting ‘Mummy, why did you trip me up?’ between sobs, she decided enough was enough and she wasn’t going any further. To keep her quiet, get to the end and catch up with my biggest I gave her a piggy back … for nearly a mile!

After running 20.1 miles the day before this was tougher than it should have been and I was knackered! I saw the finish line so put her down and told her to run ahead and she would beat me. Suddenly the bleeding knee was fine and she was off! Blimey, she could sprint. We finished the race and we were all given a goody bag, medal and bottle of water.

I’m glad the girls convinced me to do it, even though I had to give one of them a piggy back. They were beaming when they got their medals, proud to have done something new and the medals went to school the next week for show and tell.
I love running on my own, it gives me time to think (or not) and time to forget the pressures of everyday life and work. But, I also love running with the family … And looking at their picture above I think they enjoyed it too!!!


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