Pretty Muddy

The one with dirty friends

Less than a week after London I was ready to run again.  This time it was only 5k and I was part of a team, Team Bazinga!!!!


Six of us braved the cold, hail and rain to run 5 muddy kilometres for Cancer Research.  We donned our Bazinga t-shirts, fluorescent pink sweat bands and ‘kids from Fame’ head band and lined up for the start.

After a very energetic warm up, which involved a lot of whoop whooping and ‘riding the horse’ from a lady in Lycra on a stage we were off.  We quickly split into two groups.  Two went ahead and four of us trotted along at a pace that suited all of us.

The first obstacle was some big pink inflatables to clamber over … so far so tame.  We then crawled under some netting while being squirted with water, jumped into a large ‘paddling pool’ filled with mud that barely reached the top of my shoes and power walked up a big hill.  The first half complete, we were disappointingly clean.  This was supposed to be muddy!

As it had been raining there were puddles on some of the paths … muddy puddles, and just like Peppa Pig we started jumping up and down in them!!  It was then a race to see who we could get the muddiest.

There were nets to climb, nets to go under, a pond to walk through and a great big inflatable slide to go down (after a bit of a wait).

After London the week before, this was just perfect.  Nothing too strenuous and a giggle with three of my best friends.  We threw mud at each other, wiped mud on our faces and put hand prints on our boobs!


We ran, we walked, we smiled, we laughed, we nattered and we had a great time.  After changing into onesies in the car park we piled back to mine for bacon butties and a cuppa.

A perfect end to a perfect day!




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