Revenge of the Sixth

The one with my littlest running partner

On 6th of May I had entered the Virtual Runner ‘Revenge of the Sixth’ race.  My main reason for entering was clearly the medal … two Star Wars medals in two days.  (Bizarrely, I am not a huge fan of Star Wars but thought these were fab!).

After running two marathons, a 5k and a very tough half marathon in the three weeks leading up to this one I was feeling quite tired.  So it make it a bit more light-hearted I decided to run it with my youngest kidlet.  She decided she wanted to ride her bike alongside me, so off we set to cover a couple of miles before after-school club pick up of the eldest kidlet.6th-2

It was the first time she had ridden her new ‘big-girl’ bike so we were slow … but we both enjoyed it.  Her sense of achievement at riding her bike for 2 kilometres was what I needed to pick me up after a tiring few weeks.

This was my 28th race, and although one of my shortest it was the first time I have managed to run with my littlest.  Another cool medal for the collection … but one I am sharing with my running partner!





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