Shin Dig in the Shire Half Marathon

The one where I am scared!

In the space of 28 days I ran 2 marathons, a trail half, a 10k and a 5k.  At the end of it I was exhausted … and after a blood test it turns out my iron levels had fallen through the floor.

I felt tired and the Shindig in the Shire was to take place before my iron tablets had the chance to kick in.  But I still planned on running it.  So, on a wet Saturday morning I was picked up by two lovely friends and we set off to the sleepy village of Corfton to run 13.1 miles through the Clee Hills.

20160521_114808.jpgThe route left the pub and we ran up gassy tracks to open farmland before dropping through woodland towards the village of Westhope.  We then picked up some more single track lanes and across a ford before climbing up Wenlock Edge.

The next part was to run up (and down) Flounders Folly.  Nothing prepared me for how steep this would be!  13230082_10208391910509691_4546233218917964590_nI was feeling tired and starting to struggle but somehow I clawed my way to the top.

There was then a long run downhill … which I am dreadful at!  I seem to be able to run faster uphill, than downhill.  I seem to loose my nerve when I am running downhill and end up slowing right down or walking.

The course then opened up on to farmland and a huge problem … there was a gate to go through and there was a herd of cows in front of it!  I am a complete wimp when it comes to anything with 4 legs … and especially cows and horses.

20160521_124909.jpgI stood looing at them for a while … and they looked at me.  And I waited (and took a picture!).  After what felt like an age (but in reality was about 5 minutes) another competitor came behind me and asked what the problem was.  I simply pointed at the cows.  ‘No problem’ he said, just ask them to MOOVE!  (ha, ha, very funny).

Then, to my annoyance, he run up to the gate, slipped through and ran off!!  So I was still left with a load of cows.  Right, I was going to have to do this … I walked up to the gate (staying as close to the edge of the field as possible) and quickly opened it a little, squeezed through, shut it behind me and ran the last few miles to the end.  I must admit I was shaking a little but I had got through!  A bit dramatic for some cows … but, I guess I am a bit of a wimp!13226672_10208391910469690_5512945056359359844_n

So after 3:04:28 I had finished.

Gosh, this one was hard.  I was tired and my legs felt like lead but the views were amazing, the other runners were all really friendly and the medal was awesome … another one in the bag to add to the collection!!!



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